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State-by-State Reference

Our footprint spans across the United States and our commitment to the highest quality testing remains our priority. Our team has extensive knowledge of the various requirements for testing, including what tests are required, how often they need to be performed, and what thresholds need to be met. This state-by-state overview gives a snapshot of how those regulations and requirements vary between jurisdictions.

USA Map - SC Labs

The Testing Top 10

Below are the 10 questions we asked of each state for our analysis.

  • Does the state test for Delta 8/10?
  • How many pesticides does the state test for?
  • How many microbials does the state test for?
  • How many metals does the state test for?
  • How many solvents does the state test for?
  • Does the state allow potency-only labs?
  • Does the state require regular, in-person lab inspections?
  • Does the state allow for finished product shelf testing?
  • Does the state have a public site of past recalls of unsafe product?
  • Does the state have a public site reporting past lab violations?

State-by-State Results

Consolidated table of result data.

StateTest for Delta 8/10?How many pesticides?How many microbials?How many metals?How many solvents?Allow potency-only labs?Require regular, in-person lab inspections?Allow finished product shelf testing?Public website of past recalls?Public website of past lab violations?
AlaskaNoPesticides are not tested.3None listed6No,Potency-only during retest allowedAllowed, undefined frequencyYes, can conduct supplemental testing anytimeNo - old recalls listed but links are brokenNone Found
ArizonaNo573419NoYes, annuallyNot StatedYesNone Found
CaliforniaOnly D8663420NoAllowed, undefined frequencyNot StatedYesNone Found
ColoradoYes133411NoYes, annuallyYes, can test with reasonable grounds of suspicionYes Yes
ConnecticutYes4574Not listedNoAllowed, undefined frequencyNot statedNone FoundNone Found
IllinoisNo100+ (requires EPA food-grade standards)5417No Yes, annuallyYes, can test anytimeNone FoundNone Found
MaineNo596420No*Yes, allowed annuallyYes, can test anytimeNone FoundNone Found
Maryland (all medical until 7/23)No48958No*Allowed, undefined frequencyNot statedNone foundNone Found
MassachusettsNo94454UnclearAllowed, undefined frequencyNot statedNoNone Found
MichiganYes586720NoAllowed, undefined frequencyYes, can test anytimeYesYes
Missouri (going to recreational, still finalizing licensing)Yes608520No* Allowed, undefined frequencyNot statedNo* (will cannabis be included in food and drug?)None Found
MontanaNo176424NoYes, conducted annuallyNot statedYesNo
NevadaYes2394Not SpecifiedNoAllowed, undefined frequencyYes, can test anytimeYesNone Found
New Jersey (only began rec sales on 4/2022)No457822No* Allowed, undefined frequencyYes, can test anytimeNone FoundYes
New MexicoOnly D8166413No*UnclearNot statedNone FoundNone Found
New YorkYes703820Yes* BiannuallyYes, can test anytimeLaunching soonLaunching soon
OregonNo592424Yes*Allowed, undefined frequencyYes, can test anytimeYesNone Found
Rhode Island (just began rec sales 12/22 so rules may be in finalization process)No176431NoAllowed, undefined frequencyYes, can test antimeN/AN/A
Vermont (just began legalized rec sales on 10/2022)No154413NoAllowed, undefined frequencyNot stated*None FoundNone Found
VirginiaRecreational sales beginning 2024
WashingtonNo593416NoAllowed, undefined frequencyYes, can test anytimeYesYes

Last updated 05/02/2023. The information on this page has been prepared for educational purposes only, and is not legal advice.